SUN Ying 孙莹


中国科学院计算技术研究所博士 —— Ph.D. from the Institute of Computing Technology Chinese Academy of Sciences
以第一作者发表Nature Communications —— First-authored research papers published in Nature Communications
ACM ICPC亚洲区域赛季军、世界总决赛入围 —— Previous ACM-ICPC Finalist
CCF-A类会议 AAAI 等程序委员会委员 —— Program Committee Member of AAAI, etc. 
•  申请发明专利10余项,相关算法应用于百度内部管理系统 —— Apply for 10+ invention patents, related algorithms are applied to Baidu's internal management system


孙莹博士2022年于中国科学院计算技术所获得博士学位,现任香港科技大学(广州)人工智能学域助理教授。主要研究方向为可解释人工智能、数据挖掘及在商业、决策、推荐等领域的交叉应用。近五年,孙莹博士在Nature Communications、Nature Cities、TKDE、KDD、NeurIPS 、SIGIR、WWW、IJCAI等人工智能、数据挖掘及交叉领域顶级期刊和会议发表诸多学术论文,申请国内外专利10余项,其中关于市场驱动的技能定价的开创性工作发表于Nature Communications,受到光明网、中国日报等国内媒体广泛报道。孙莹博士有丰富的产业界实践经验,与华为、百度、OPPO、BOSS直聘等企业保持着长期的学术合作,多项科研成果实现了产品应用转化,所提“多源知识融合的金融事件建模与可解释知识推理”方案获华为公司火花奖。由于出色的学术成果,孙莹博士入选AI华人女性青年学者榜单,曾获部分荣誉包括中科院朱李月华奖、百度奖学金全球20强、三次国家奖学金等。此外,孙莹博士具有丰富的算法和编程经验,曾获两次ACM-ICPC亚洲区域赛季军、ACM-ICPC World Final入围等荣誉。

Dr. Ying Sun received her Ph.D. degree from the Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2022. She currently serves as an Assistant Professor in the Artificial Intelligence Thrust at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Guangzhou). Her research interests include Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI), Data Mining, and their cross-disciplinary applications in business, decision-making, and recommendation systems. Over the past five years, Dr. Sun has published numerous academic papers in top-tier journals and conferences such as Nature Communications, Nature Cities, TKDE, KDD, NeurIPS, SIGIR, WWW, and IJCAI in the fields of AI, data mining, and their interdisciplinary fields. She has applied for more than 10 patents worldwide. Her pioneering work on market-driven skill pricing has been published in Nature Communications and widely reported by domestic media such as Guangming Daily and China Daily. Dr. Sun has extensive experience in industry practice and maintains long-term academic collaborations with companies such as Huawei, Baidu, OPPO, and BOSS Zhipin. Several of her research achievements have been transformed into product applications. Her proposal “Multi-Source Knowledge Fusion for Financial Event Modeling and Interpretable Knowledge Reasoning” won the Huawei Spark Award (华为火花奖). Due to her outstanding academic achievements, Dr. Sun was selected for AI’s list of young female Chinese scholars, and has received several honors including the Zhuliyuehua Prize from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, a Baidu Scholarship, and three National Scholarships. In addition, Dr. Sun has rich algorithmic and programming experience and has received honors such as wining two third-places in ACM-ICPC Asia Regional contests and being an ACM-ICPC World Finalist.

Honors & Awards

•  中科院朱李月华奖

Zhuliyuehua Excellent Doctoral Postgraduate Award of Chinese Academy of Sciences

•  三次国家奖学金

National Scholarship (Three times)

•  华为火花奖

the Huawei Spark Award 

•  百度AI华人女性青年学者榜

Research Interest

•  可解释人工智能  Explainable AI  (XAI)

•  数据挖掘 Data Mining