WANG Xin 王鑫


国家高层次青年人才 —— National Young Talents Project (Highest national recognition in China for excellent youth working in science and engineering)
曾任百度研究院资深研究员与百度量子平台核心骨干 —— Previous staff researcher at Baidu Research and key tech lead of Baidu Quantum Platform
受邀担任国际量子计算顶级会议TQC主旨报告人 ——  Invited keynote speaker of top-tier conference TQC
物理国际一流期刊《Quantum》编委 (影响因子: 6.777)—— Editorial Board of Quantum (Impact factor: 6.777)
担任AQIS、ACM NanoCom、QTML、Beyond IID等国际会议程序委员会委员 —— Program Committee of AQIS、ACM NanoCom、QTML、 Beyond IID
申请量子计算方向中美专利100余项 —— Applied for over 100 Chinese and US patents in the field of quantum computing


王鑫,香港科技大学(广州)人工智能学域副教授,国家高层次青年人才,主要从事量子信息与量子人工智能的研究。他之前于百度研究院量子计算研究所任职资深研究员与技术骨干,负责量子计算研究和百度量子平台研发,带领团队开发量子机器学习平台量桨。在加入百度前,他作为Hartree Fellow在美国马里兰大学量子信息与计算机科学联合中心从事量子计算研究。他于2018年在悉尼科技大学获得博士学位,获评校长杰出博士论文并入选教育部国家优秀自费留学生奖学金。他在Physical Review Letters、IEEE Transactions on Information Theory、Communications in Mathematical Physics、npj Quantum Information、Quantum、NeurIPS、AAAI等物理、计算机、人工智能领域的顶级期刊与顶级会议发表50余篇论文,在量子计算顶会QIP、TQC、AQIS作口头报告二十余次,并在2020年受邀在量子计算顶会TQC作主旨报告(大陆首个)。他曾任亚洲量子信息科学会议AQIS与量子机器学习会议QTML等国际会议的程序委员会成员,目前担任《Quantum》国际学术期刊的编委,以及Nature Communications、Physical Review Letters等多个顶刊顶会的审稿人。他在量子计算与量子信息方向申请中美专利近100项,已授权超50项,于2022年入选AI华人青年学者榜(AI+X)。

Xin Wang is an Associate Professor at the Thrust of Artificial Intelligence, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Guangzhou). He is a recipient of the National Young Talents Project. Previously, he was a Staff Researcher and Tech Lead at the Institute for Quantum Computing at Baidu Research, where he focused on the R&D of Baidu Quantum Platform. He led the development of Paddle Quantum, a Python library for quantum machine learning. From 2018 to 2019, he was a Hartree Fellow at the Joint Center for Quantum Information and Computer Science at the University of Maryland, College Park. He received his doctorate from the University of Technology Sydney and was awarded the Chancellor’s List for Outstanding Thesis and the Outstanding Self-financed Overseas Student Award. His research interests include quantum communication, quantum entanglement, quantum error mitigation, and quantum machine learning. He has published over 50 papers in top-tier journals and conferences in the fields of physics, computer science, and AI, such as Physical Review Letters, IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, Communications in Mathematical Physics, npj Quantum Information, Quantum, NeurIPS, and AAAI. He has given more than 20 oral presentations at prestigious quantum computing conferences such as QIP and TQC, and was invited to deliver a keynote at the top-tier quantum computing conference TQC 2020 (the first from Mainland China).  He has served as an editor of Quantum and the program committee member for international conferences such as AQIS, QTML, BIID. He has applied for nearly 100 patents in quantum computing (50 granted) and was selected as Top Young Chinese Scholars in Artificial Intelligence (AI+X).

Honors & Awards

• 国家高层次青年人才

National Young Talents Project (Highest national recognition in China for excellent youth working in science and engineering)

• AI华人青年学者榜单

(AI+X) Top Young Chinese Scholars in Artificial Intelligence (AI+X)

• 百度技术创新奖、百度技术先锋奖

Baidu Technology Innovation Award and Baidu Technology Pioneer Award

• 校长杰出博士论文,悉尼科技大学(2018)

Chancellor’s List for Outstanding Thesis,University of Technology Sydney 

• 教育部国家优秀自费留学生奖学金(2018)

Outstanding Self-financed Overseas Student Award

Research Interest

• 量子计算 Quantum Computing

量子信息 Quantum Information

• 量子纠错与缓释 Quantum Error Correction and Mitigation 

• 人工智能 Artificial Intelligence

• 量子机器学习 Quantum Machine Learning

• 量子软件与体系结构 Quantum Software and Architecture